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Our second children’s book on money and banking!

Ayo’s Had Enough is perfect for:

-Storytime listeners ages 1 - 2+

-Beginner readers ages 3,4,5

-Independent readers ages 6,7

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Ayo’s Had Enough

Ayo’s Had Enough is the second book in our series for children called $martChoiceNation (SCN) Kids. This book features beautiful original artwork from Ghanian visual artist, Johann Setorwu. This version of the book also explores the multicultural heritage of the book’s main character, Ayo. Each SCN book is written as a conversation guide for parents that focuses on a specific financial education concept. In addition to the story, the book includes suggested family activities and a glossary of terms to reinforce the learning process.

In Ayo’s Had Enough, Ayo learns about consumerism from a child’s perspective by exploring how much is really enough. He also learns about the importance of taking care of his belongings. Lastly, he learns about how banks work and how they help his family take care of their needs and wants. The book also references our Give,Grow,Go (3Gs) concept, a SCN money management rule of thumb for children.

Ayo’s Had Enough teaches kids the following money and banking concepts:

Needs vs Wants Earning Money

Jobs/Career Consumerism

Borrowing money Loans

Credit Cards Checking Accounts

Savings Accounts How banks work

These critical money and banking concepts are age appropriate and are aligned with National Jumpstart Coalition’s National Financial Education Standards and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Learn As You Grow standards.

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