About the Author


It all started when...

Charlene Hill Fadirepo, the author, discovered she was pregnant with her first child! As a former banker and veteran in the financial services industry, Charlene was eager to teach her young son, Ayodele, how to build healthy money habits early in his childhood. However she was deeply disappointed in the lack of children's books available on the topic. Further, financial education books specifically written with children of color in mind, were non-existent.  So she decided to write a multicultural children's book designed for kids--but written for financially empowered parents like herself. Shortly after her son was born, she started developing the concept for Ayo's Money Jar children's book. A few years later the final result is available for parents around the world to enjoy with their children! Her son Ayodele, now 3 years old, loves the book to this day!

Charlene believes it is never too soon for parents to start a household conversation about money. Money decisions, drive hopes, dreams, life goals, and aspirations. By teaching children these concepts today, parents can help secure the economic future of their family now and for generations to come. 


Charlene is a proud alum of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University as well as the University of Virginia! #goDuke #GoHoos!